Feed the writer, get perks

Books are awesome, but you know what else is awesome?

  • getting your name in them
  • seeing behind-the-scenes stuff
  • getting early access to ebooks
  • naming a character!*

I'm offering these perks (and others!) if you choose to support my writing with a subscription. Plus, now you can support on a yearly basis and save %16.67! (What an awkward number....)

* naming of character has to fit within the naming conventions of the story. We'll work together to come up with an appropriate name.

Tier Details

Tip Jar - $3 / month, $30 / year

  • $3 a month will get your name in a special thank you section in my books and your own role in my Discord server.

Behind the Scenes Access Pass - $10 / month, $100 / year

  • For $10 a month you get access to various behind the scenes tidbits, including #DraftZero posts, deleted scenes, character backstories, early access worldbuilding, and subscriber-exclusive content! Plus everything the previous tier gets.

Early Access Pass - $20 / month, $200 / year

  • For $20 you get early access to my completed work, before it gets shunted down the publication pipeline and released to the public. You'll also get discounts on preorders and more. Plus everything the previous tiers get.

All Access Pass - $55 / month, $550 / year

  • For $55 a month you'll get to name a character in one of my upcoming stories OR in my world-building. Character name will have to fit within the world's naming conventions, so we can work together to come up with a name that's world-appropriate. You'll also get everything else the previous tiers get.