Katje van Loon, genderqueer author, poet, and menace to society, resides in the suburban outskirts of the Greater Vancouver Regional District with zir fiance and their massive library of books, DVDs, and video games. Katje often dresses up like Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and avoids arrest for disorderly conduct.

While not writing, Katje can be found baking, knitting, crafting, subverting the heteronormative, gender-binarist paradigm, and killing filthy Cylons.

Katje currently has two book series out: The Third Age and The Borderlands Saga. Bellica, book one of The Third Age, is epic fantasy written from a pagan feminist perspective. Stranger Skies, book one of The Borderlands Saga, is queer pagan fantasy with a YA bent, also written from a feminist perspective.

Ok, everything Katje writes is written from a feminist perspective. Katje is a feminist. This is sort of inevitable. If you’re interested in reading angry feminist rants from Katje, among other things, you should check out zir blog.

Katje has recently finished revisions for The Jade Star of Athering (sequel to Bellica and book two in The Third Age). It’s being released November 25th, 2014. You can see the cover reveal here and you can preorder it here. (To be the first to know about release dates, cover reveals, and preorder info, sign up for the newsletter Katje runs with zir mom, fellow author Kaimana Wolff.) Work is now ongoing on From the Ashes, sequel to Stranger Skies and book two in The Borderlands Saga. Zie also has some nebulous plans for some feminist new adult urban fantasy, but that’s on a backburner for now.

Want Katje to appear at your event?

Katje is available for panels and readings at festivals, conventions, bookstores, and various other things. Send an email to thepackpress AT gmail DOT com to talk to the publisher about bringing Katje in for an event. Local events (Pacific Northwest; Alberta) only at this time.

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