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Katje van Loon was born in Canada to immigrant parents in 1986. Zir dual citizenship allowed her to move to the US for ten years, where zie learned a lot about theatre and storytelling. Katje is the author of several novels, at least two books of poetry, and various bits and bobs of short fiction.

Her books Bellica and Stranger Skies were both nominated for a Tiptree (now Otherwise) Award, and Stranger Skies was also nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award. When zie’s not writing, Katje is knitting or committing pixel homicide. She lives in British Columbia with zir spouse, Mr. Katje.

Katje describes zirself alternately as a wild witch trapped in the big city and three raccoons in a trench coat. Both are true.

Zir dream is to move to a small town, live in a big house with enough room for the husbeast and other various beasts zie shares her life with, and become the village wise woman, doling out potions and spells in exchange for muffins or the occasional firstborn.